2020 Production Planning Meeting

2020 Production Planning Meeting

Despite being only two thirds through our season, it is that time of the year for the Management Committee to meet with potential directors to discuss and approve shows for production next year.

So you, our wonderful and talented directors, are invited to start putting together your submissions to produce a show in the 2020 season. 

As always a show up for consideration must have been discussed, approved at a play exploration and put in our ''pot'' to be eligible.

Once a show is in the pot a director then needs to complete the Production Pack. This provides the    committee with information such as casting requirements, the team that would like to come and play on our stage, possible production dates, predicted income and expenditure. 

This is usually brought in hard copy to the season planning meeting for the Committee to discuss.

This year however, we would like to approach it a little differently, by asking prospective directors to email their proposal to the president one week prior to the meeting date. This will then be sent to the Management Committee for perusal before the formal meeting is attended.

By doing this we hope to be able to more fully understand how the Committee can support and help each production proposal become a reality, within the vision of each director.

So for your electronic production pack or for any further info, support or help please contact president Sam Haslam on 0410 525 705 or hassyblue5@gmail.com  or email us at baytheatreplayers@gmail.com for the production pack. 

The Planning Meeting for our 2020 Season will be held at the theatre at 7:00pm on Wednesday 9th October.  Directors, we will see you there.